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Now is the time to start promoting with calendars. Contact me now and let's get your promotions going.


I know that many of you will be playing in Golf tournaments in the next few months, so you may want to promote your brand with these golf products.

Golf Products

Football season is near. Now is the time to begin your fall promotions. I recommend that you start now by giving your clients and prospects these great magnetic football schedules with your brand on them.

Football schedules

Hook your customer on your brand by giving them these lures.FISH



Help your clients and prospects and to see your brand while enjoying a round of golf. They will see your brand each time they pick up their ball.




Promote your brand by giving your customers these door wipes. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

 Hand Wipes

As businesses begin to reopen soon, you will certainly want customers to know that you are open. These “open signs” will help communicate that message to your customers.

Now is a great time to promote social responsibility and your brand at the same time. Your employees, customers, and prospects will appreciate these face masks. As Americans try to stay healthy, they will be grateful for your gift of a mask.

Face Masks

Keeping your name in front of prospects leads to more business. When you and your staff wear these lapel pins, you will complement your branding efforts. These pins are also nice "give away" items for trade shows and community events.

Lapel Pins

These houseware items from the Illini collection are wonderful appreciation gifts that you can send to your clients. You might even want to give them to your employees as holiday gifts. Contact me at evelynn@shamrockpromotions.com


If you are serious about increasing your sells, then you need to promote your business. Ink pens are perfect for reaching multiple prospects. They generally change hands between eight people over the life span of the pen. In Addition, pens are one of the most affordable products available. Take a look at these.