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“Smartphones are getting bigger and bigger each year making it harder to hold and navigate them one-handed, hence the popularity of different phone grips. Custom phone grips are the hottest category in promotional products!

That is why I am excited to introduce the SlingGrip and SlingGrip XL. SlingGrip is an American-made universal patented smartphone grip that sticks flat to the back of your phone, tablet or case with its 3M no-residue adhesive. Each SlingGrip comes with a backer card and you have several options to customize it to your liking!

Since everyone has a phone, it is an item that will fit with any industry. It’s great for tradeshow giveaways, fundraisers and employee gifts. You can also hand it out as a business card or a gift card. So many options! Get your hands on this fun and useful branding tool and start promoting your brand.”