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Keeping your name in front of prospects leads to more business. When you and your staff wear these lapel pins, you will complement your branding efforts. These pins are also nice "give away" items for trade shows and community events.

Lapel Pins

These houseware items from the Illini collection are wonderful appreciation gifts that you can send to your clients. You might even want to give them to your employees as holiday gifts. Contact me at evelynn@shamrockpromotions.com


The holidays are almost here. Have you purchased your holiday promotional gifts? These stainless steel, leather-wrapped, tumblers, thermos, and gift sets may be just the items that you need. Consider these gifts for your loyal customers, employees, and prospective new clients.
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Always take advantage of opportunities to promote your business. Football season is one of those opportunities. So ct now! Get your company name on these magnetic, college and pro football schedules. These schedules re in high demand, and they re very affordable.

Never miss an opportunity to promote your business. Gift your customers with these attractive tote bags. not only are they a very useful gift, but they provide an inexpensive way to keep your company name in front of your customers.


If you are serious about increasing your sells, then you need to promote your business. Ink pens are perfect for reaching multiple prospects. They generally change hands between eight people over the life span of the pen. In Addition, pens are one of the most affordable products available. Take a look at these.




Are you serious about increasing sales? Then take advantage of this great deal. Mugs, pens, poker chips, and journals make great promotional gifts for customers, prospects, giveaways at community events, and golf tournaments.

pens and more


These wallets and accessories are great for promoting your brand! Please email me for details. evelynn@shamrockpromotions.com - I would like to speak with you about other exciting promotional products. You can see them on my website www.shamrockpromotions.com

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Want to promote your brand? Want affordable promotional products? Take a look at these keychains and imagine your brand on these. Get the jump on your competition! Let these keychains speak for you.