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Find the trends and promote them.  Healthy eating is a strong trend and a great opportunity to promote your brand. These vegetable and fruit preparation utensils make that easy.

Backpacks are one of today's most popular promotional items. Backpacks are not just for school students anymore. Almost every one of all ages has found a use for these packs. They are used for books, gym clothes, sales materials, hiking necessities, photography equipment, and more.

Each time these are worn, they become a moving billboard for your company name. Dollar for dollar, these are one of the best promotional products that you can spend your marketing dollars on.




If you are serious about increasing your sells, then you need to promote your business. Ink pens are perfect for reaching multiple prospects. They generally change hands between eight people over the life span of the pen. In Addition, pens are one of the most affordable products available. Take a look at these.




Are you serious about increasing sales? Then take advantage of this great deal. Mugs, pens, poker chips, and journals make great promotional gifts for customers, prospects, giveaways at community events, and golf tournaments.

pens and more


Want to build a stronger customer network? You might want to send prospects one of these golf gifts, and invite them to play a round of golf with you. Many great deals are made on the golf course.


Golf Kits


Tumblers are very effective promotional products. These really go fast during the summer months.
To see the other tumblers that I offer, please follow this link:

These wallets and accessories are great for promoting your brand! Please email me for details. evelynn@shamrockpromotions.com - I would like to speak with you about other exciting promotional products. You can see them on my website www.shamrockpromotions.com

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It is almost football time. Summer training will begin soon, followed by establishing those fantasy football teams. Almost everyone loves football and that is good for your business. Take advantage of the season by promoting your brand with these great football Magnetic business schedules.


Want to promote your brand? Want affordable promotional products? Take a look at these keychains and imagine your brand on these. Get the jump on your competition! Let these keychains speak for you.